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99sauces is designed to be your goldmine of information about Melbourne's restaurant scene. This site is about factual, up to date information that lets you know all the inside goss - who is working where, whether that restaurant will still be serving food at 12am, and where your favourite waiter has defected to. We don't do reviews (there are heaps of other good sites that do that), but do link to opinions published elsewhere.

That's the vision. Help us make it a reality! 99sauces entries can be edited by all (just click the edit button at the bottom of the page), so please feel free to add content or make some changes if you think we've got something wrong. For more information, read the FAQ.

To start browsing, use the navigation pane on the left hand side to find restaurants, people or suppliers that you're interested in. Some recently added pages are:

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Con Christopoulos City Wine Shop Holy Goat
Neil Perry Glicks Cakes & Bagels Rochelle Adonis
Paul Mathis Commercial Bakery Jacob Park Organics
Tobie Puttock Scheherazade The Wine & Truffle Company

And by using the tags, you can quickly find new pages in a category. Here are some examples:

  • The Age Good Food Guide 3-Hat restaurants (3Hats2007)
  • The Age Good Food Guide 2-Hat restaurants (2Hats2007)
  • Those places that do breakfast (breakfast)
  • Those places that do dinner (dinner)
  • Italian-themed places (italian)
  • Places in the city (CBD)
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