Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Full name: The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

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Trams are boarded at tramstop No. 125 on Normanby Road, near Clarendon Street. Nearby is the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and Crown Casino.

Contact information

Telephone: 03 9696 4000
Fax: 03 9696 3787
Email: ua.moc.tnaruatsermart|snoitavreser#ua.moc.tnaruatsermart|snoitavreser


Modern Australian, with set menu.

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  • Red Rock Leisure Group

Principal staff

Each tram carries a chef, waiter and maitre d.

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  • Started running in August 1983.
  • Was begun by Paul Stephen-Daly and John Murphy, but has since been sold.
  • Uses converted W-Class trams, with new suspension and electrics.
  • There are now three trams, but the first was No. 422.


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