Full name: Degani Bakery Cafe

Official website


  • Shop 1, 385 Belmore Rd, Balwyn 3103, Victoria
  • Degani@U Hill: Shop 11, 224 Plenty Rd, Bundoora 3083, Victoria
  • 350 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill 3068, Victoria
  • Shop 1, 372 Albert St, East Melbourne 3002, Victoria
  • 106 Station St, Fairfield 3078, Victoria
  • Bayside Shopping Centre, Beach St, Frankston 3199, Victoria
  • 501 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000, Victoria
  • Degani@Urban Workshop: Shop 16, 50 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000, Victoria
  • Degani@Botannica: Shop 1, Botannica Business Park, 572 Swan St, Richmond 3121, Victoria
  • 95 Acland St, St Kilda 3182, Victoria
  • 23A-25 Anderson St, Templestowe 3106, Victoria

Contact information

Email: ua.moc.inaged|ofni#ua.moc.inaged|ofni

Balwyn store
Telephone: 03 9857 3102
Email: ua.moc.inaged|nywlab#ua.moc.inaged|nywlab

Bundoora store (Degani @ U Hill)
Telephone: 03 9466 8828
Fax: 03 9466 8821

Clifton Hill store
Telephone: 03 9489 2533
Email: ua.moc.inaged|llihnotfilc#ua.moc.inaged|llihnotfilc

East Melbourne store
Telephone: 03 9416 4490
Email: ua.moc.inaged|blemtsae#ua.moc.inaged|blemtsae

Fairfield store
Telephone: 03 9481 3825
Email: ua.moc.inaged|dleifriaf#ua.moc.inaged|dleifriaf

Frankston store
Telephone: 03 9769 6680
Email: ua.moc.inaged|notsknarf#ua.moc.inaged|notsknarf

Melbourne store (Swanston St)
Telephone: 03 9650 0736
Email: ua.moc.inaged|notsnaws#ua.moc.inaged|notsnaws

Melbourne store (Degani @ Urban Workshop)
Telephone: 03 9663 9596
Fax: 03 9663 1361
Email: ua.moc.inaged|nabru#ua.moc.inaged|nabru

Richmond store (Degani @ Botannica)
Telephone: 03 9819 0011
Email: ua.moc.inaged|accinatob#ua.moc.inaged|accinatob

St Kilda store
Telephone: 03 9534 7141
Email: ua.moc.inaged|adlikts#ua.moc.inaged|adlikts

Templestowe store
Telephone: 03 9846 8881
Email: ua.moc.inaged|ewotselpmet#ua.moc.inaged|ewotselpmet


Bakery cafe

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  • The first Degani Bakery Cafe was in Clifton Hill. This was followed by the stores in Fairfield and Templestowe.


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