Frequently Asked Questions

What is 99sauces?

It is a website that the general foodie community, and really anyone interested in eating or drinking, can contribute to. It is a public reference for all interesting facts relating to cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, suppliers and the people who run them. Perhaps you can think of it as IMDB meets Mietta's Guide meets Wikipedia.

Why is it called 99sauces?

It reflects the large number of sources that contribute towards the information in it, i.e. the community. Okay, it's a pun.

Can I contribute to 99sauces?

Please do! Everyone is able to add new pages or edit existing ones, and we encourage them to. You don't even have to register. There are a couple of pages that are "locked" and aren't available for general editing, but the rest are open slather. If you want some guidance on what you should write or avoid, see our site rules.

Why aren't there any reviews here?

Other sites do opinions, we do facts. Since anyone can contribute or edit others' contributions, it won't work well if people write their own personal opinions in the main page. For example, how could you tell if someone had made a mistake? However, it's absolutely fine to refer or link to reviews from elsewhere, or put your own opinion in an individual comment. If you specifically want to write a review, you could try one of these reviewing web sites.

What about "Keyword tags"?

You can edit them as well. Good things to have as tags are the city/region, the specific area such as suburb, the style and breakfast/lunch/dinner (for places), and the profession (for people of course). Feel free to add other tags if you think they'll be meaningful to other people, but they should reflect facts not opinion. The whole point is that you can look up all the entries with a specific tag, such as those that received two hats in 2007 from The Age Good Food Guide.

What is Wikidot?

Wikidot is the company that is hosting this site for us. They are doing it in return for revenue from the advertising that they put on the pages (and which they share a portion with the main editors). You may like to create an account with Wikidot so that you can contribute to this site without being anonymous!

How do I put a map on the page I created?

The maps come from the Google Maps service. You can click on "edit" for an existing entry with a map, to see how it's done. Or, you can read the instructions provided by Wikidot about embedding a map on the page. It's not too hard, really, and it's very easy to fix if you make a mistake.

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