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Neil Perry was born 1962 in Sydney, Australia. He received no formal food training, however his father was a butcher and an avid fisherman, from whom he learned about the quality of meat. Also, he enjoyed Chinese food from a young age, and credits this for his appreciation of flavours. Started in the hospitality industry not as a chef, but through managing at Sails at the age of 19. Later worked with chefs such as Damien Pignolet and Stephanie Alexander.

You may know them from

  • Rockpool Bar & Grill (owner and chef, 2006-present)
  • Rockpool, Sydney (owner, 1989-present)
  • Wockpool, Sydney
  • The MCA Cafe, Sydney
  • Bistro Mars, Sydney
  • Star Grill, Sydney
  • Sails, Sydney
  • Barrenjoey Restaurant, Sydney (head chef and co-owner, 1983-)
  • Perry's, Sydney (co-owner)
  • Blue Water Grill, Sydney (owner, 1986-)
  • Rockpool Consulting
  • Book: Rockpool (1998)
  • Book: Simply Asian (2004)
  • Book: The Food I Love (2005)
  • Book: Good Food (2007)
  • TV Series: Food Source
  • TV Series: Fresh & Fast
  • TV Series: Rockpool Sessions
  • TV Series: Neil Perry - High Steaks


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  • Established Rockpool and Rockpool Bar & Grill with his first cousin Trish Richards.
  • Rockpool Consulting provide the menu for Qantas.
  • Lives in Sydney with his wife and two daughters.


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